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Falls Findings: December Social Media Update

Social media is a powerful way for businesses – regardless of size or industry – to reach prospects and customers. The key is to stay in the know to ensure you remain innovative and relevant. However, with platforms constantly evolving, it’s difficult for even the most astute marketers to keep abreast of trends and updates.

Each month, Falls compiles the most important changes and trends affecting social and digital marketing, and we gladly share it here, so you and your teams can keep up with the dizzying pace of change in our industry.

Instagram “Promote”

Instagram is currently in the testing phase of a new ad type, “Promote,” which will allow business pages to easily turn their current “Stories” into ads. The feature works similarly to Facebook’s Boost option, sharing the Stories to new users based on targeting options, such as user profile or location, and will allow businesses to easily grow their visibility.

Falls’ Take: For small businesses (or small budgets) this provides an opportunity to increase audiences without a significant cost for content production. Instead of generating multiple pieces of content, this new service will easily turn existing Stories into ads – thus hitting the Stories queue of a variety of new profiles. Additionally, it offers easy ways to both geo or demographically target potential users. 

Instagram Account Analytics

In November, Instagram Account Analytics launched in beta, which will help marketers better understand how their content and channel strategies actually drive real business results. In addition to the existing Instagram Insights reporting of user engagement, the enhanced analytics will provide insight into how these audiences overlap with people visiting other business entities, such as websites, apps or Facebook pages.

Falls’ Take: If Instagram already plays a significant role in your company’s marketing strategy – or if you think it should and you need data to confirm this hypothesis – Instagram Account Analytics can help. Instagram has been a challenge for businesses, due to its limited reporting of business conversions – only reporting engagements. By offering more robust analytics that examines how a follower moves through the conversion funnel, this will help your business react and adjust to social campaigns – and better prove your ROI.

LinkedIn Pages

Last month, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Pages — the next generation of LinkedIn Company Pages – with the goal of making it easier for brands to foster constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s community. Updates include new admin features, such as a mobile app for administrators, and opportunities to see and reshape content in which the Page is tagged, as well as associating hashtags with a page to easily listen and respond.

Fall’s Take: NewLinkedIn Pages are designed to help organizations authentically connect with members, grow business and build lasting connections, and these updates will make it even easier – especially for busy admins. If your business is looking to take advantage of LinkedIn, the new Pages feature will make it easier for you to know and grow your audience. Plus, LinkedIn has even made a Playbook that could serve as a valuable resource to make implementation even simpler.

Look for more updates from, Falls in coming months on the ever-evolving world of digital and social media. Or, if you’d like to discuss ways to better leverage social and digital media for your business, we’d love to chat.


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